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IMPACT (première spring 2016)


Teaterboard, russian bar, partner acrobatics, movement and a lot more. IMPACT is an organic mass evolving in an imbalance in perpetual evolution.

But to where? The strong individualities going away are they going to dive back there entirely then?
A raw, crude, non-dramatised gesture, which speaks for itself and reflect what is felt.
Meeting, exchange, reaction, in brief, life!

It's a proposal which combines high level of acrobatic skill and collective work, with progressive choreography.

We erase most of our acrobatic preparation by approaching movement in another way. We use our bodies more softly.

We are aware, receptive. We stop anticipating, transcending acrobatic movement.
We are a strong group, pushed in a raw gesture by our fearless choreographer in a direction which allows each artist to express themselves.

Indoors and outdoors

Acrobatic tricks, Russian bar, teeterboard, dance and tumbling

Tiko Venne, Josuah Finck, Savage, Eve Bigel, Jirin Meilgaard.

Choreographer: Benjamin Tricha, assistant choreographer to Olivier Germser (of compagnie Tango Sumo)

Original music: Jean Christophe Quillez

40 minutes.

Performance space:
8m x 8m at ground level and 6m high. Flat, even and clean ground (no bumps or holes) or stage.
Download the full brochure here.   NEW VIDEO HERE!

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